Wednesday, September 23, 2009

People Involved

Erik - direct/DP: 'vague' and certainly 'hard to work with'
Eliseo - direct/DP: friendly, technically competent, down to party
Melissa - write/produce: went to school for film, down to party
Danny - talent: 'seems nice' maybe 'hot' perhaps 'shallow' in some meaningful way
Gabe - talent: 'cool' perhaps 'troubled'
Aaron - talent: very funny, possibly 'wise, asian'
Gorgia - talent: somewhat distant, probably normal
Albert - art consulting/AD: very distant, possibly hates everyone
Meli - production stills: somewhat enthusiastic
Nigel - beer 'sponsor': maybe a chill businessman
Paddy - merchant marine/gaffer: has offensive facial hair

Kyle M. - talent: seems drunk a lot, probably cooler than me
Kevin A. - art consulting/talent: writes sometimes
Ruby Room - official bar: campy gay bar
Mama Buzz - official cafe: serves beer

who else?

shooting in October