Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Promotions Update for 'SORRY I LIKE TO PARTY'

Stats for Facebook event 'SORRY I LIKE TO PARTY' SCREENING + HouseWArming FEAST :

Attending: 28, included noted Oakland luminaries: 'Myle May' 'Billy' and 'Oldani'
Maybe: 9, including two people I would 'sleep with' if 'given the opportunity'
Not: 1
Awaiting Reply: 15
Number of previews linked: 2
Number of wall posts: 3

Eliseo and I eagerly await the admissions decision of SXSW (Feb.) and SIFF, SFintl (March).

We are planning to 'probably' go to Texas to promote the film regardless of SXSW. We will fly into Huston and borrow a car.