Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Reaction to 'Sorry I Like to Party'

"i liked the movie a lot, just watched it. is the version i watched the entire movie? what's happening with it?"
-Tao Lin (Author NYC)

"seemed sweet....felt 'endearing' to an extent where i was laughing at what some of the people did, also thought the end of the preview was really nice. [...] i could watch an hour and a half of that, easy. i thought maybe it wasn't over because stuff might have happened in the future with that girl. i really liked the movie."
-Brandon Gorrell (Author SEA)

"kinda like 'grey gardens' in the narrative style, + felt like a wndow into the bro psyche, 3Bs=booze, bitches, bikes A+"
-Parisa (Love/Sex Blogger SF)

"r u gay"
-Zachary German (Author NYC)

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